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Health Controlling Oolong Tea《金風玉露茶》

RM 300.00

精選茶葉 工法精妙 清毒降脂 輕體消油
保護腸道 益處無窮 祛風解膩 排除宿便



成分: 上等烏龍茶



Premium Oolong Tea is formulated from the precious collection of ancient recipes. Tailored for removing excessive oil and stools from our body. Significantly helps toxins cleansing and cholesterol reductions. A unique protective layer is formed on the surface of colon to prevent colonial diseases.

Controlling Blood Sugar
Removing Fats and Stomach Gas
Purifying Digestive System
Cell Rejuvenation
Beauty and Wellness
Body Balancing

Ingredient: High quality of Oolong Tea

Dosage: After meal, 1 liter of hot water for 1 tea bag, 1-2 cups per person

30 teabags / set

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure cancer.


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