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【Han Secrets】是馬來西亞首個遵照古方, 由陸汶宗醫師親手調配, 融合漢代,日本,高麗的獨一無二的珍貴古方製作,並由現代化GMP藥廠生產的中醫品牌。

陸汶宗醫師是馬來西亞執業中醫師,精通肝病專科 ,婦科受孕, 中風調理和美容保養,擁有二十年以上的經驗。 Han Secrets 中醫診所位於 SS15 Subang Jaya.

Han Secrets 中草藥,保健產品和美顏產品在診所和官方網頁均有銷售。


【Han Secrets】is the 1st beauty and health brand in Malaysia with ancient prescribed recipes from Han Dynasty, Japan and Korea, founded by Dr Lok, manufactured by certified GMP pharmaceutical companies. 

Dr Lok is a certified Chinese physician, specialised in Liver Disease Treatment, Gynaecology and Infertility, Beauty Acupuncture, Stroke and Body Balancing. Han Secrets TCM Clinic is located in SS15 Subang Jaya.

Han Secrets' health care and beauty products can be purchased on the official website and the TCM Clinic.

We provide high-quality products and treatment based on the principle of natural, safe and effective.

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