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Feng Xiang Dan《鳳翔丹》

RM 300.00

宮廷秘方 補氣榮血

滋陰養顏 祛斑淨膚

調經助孕 順理更年

婦人癥瘕 女性至寶

鳳翔丹主治一切腎虛引起的婦人病,主要用於月經不調,閉經痛經,婦人癥瘕,心煩難眠,脾氣暴躁,掉髮枯黃,难孕和更年期等问题。由於八珍湯和白鳳丸因為天氣炎熱的關係不適合一些身體燥熱的婦女,鳳翔丹溫和中正,可以做為很好的替代藥品。孕婦忌服 。

上等材料成分: 天山雪蓮, 益母草, 桃仁, 澤蘭, 丹參


1瓶240粒 (1个月分量)


Traditionally used for women's health - irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, mood swing, anxious, spleen, difficult to fall asleep, hair loss, infertility, menopause and etc.  As Ba Zhen Soup and Bai Feng Pill are not suitable for women with heaty body, Feng Xiang Dan can be a good alternative.

Ingredients: Flos Saussurea involucrata, Caulis and Folium Leonurus Japonicus,
Semen Prunus Persica, Caulis and Folium Eupatorium Fortunei, Radix Salvia Miltiorrhiza

Dosage :  4 tablets twice daily, after meal (stop consuming during period)

240 tablets / bottle

1 bottle for 1 month consumption

**Recommended to consume with 《Golden Kidney Powder》 for better results.

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