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Uric Acid, Edema, Improve Kidney Function Remedy Herbal Pack 《去尿酸,去水腫,提高腎臟功能 - 益腎草藥包》

RM 400.00

由於現代人生活水平的提高,經常食用大魚大肉,不注意飲食,經常喝酒應酬,缺少合理運動,引起尿酸過高,水腫,影響腎臟功能。陸醫師親手調配草藥包,針對去尿酸,去水腫,提高腎臟功能,草本配方,方便使用,安全放心,高效快捷,無需長期使用藥品 。  

成分: 上等天然草藥 



Remedy for Uric Acid, Edema, Improve Kidney Function.

Ingredients: Natural and high quality herbs.

Directions: Put the herbal pack into one liter of water, boil it and turn it to small fire, cook about 20 minutes into 2 bowls. One bowl each after breakfast and dinner. 

10 herbal packs / set

1 set for 10 days consumption

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure cancer.


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